Listed Window Restoration

The Chapel at Rudge 1839

There are many companies on the internet that claim to restore windows back to there original state but I’ve yet to find any that seem to do this in the traditional way, either they patch bits of wood in and fill around all the massive gaps or they don’t use wood at all and use the miracles of products like Filltite wood fillers and the like, I’m not knocking them in any way and they may work wonderfully but when dealing with listed buildings I believe there should be more wood than filler put back and that’s not to say I don’t use filler but I keep it to the barest minimum.

Arch windows

The chapel windows were in a pretty bad shape but once you dig beneath the possible 178 year old paint there was good wood. Some parts were missing and the usual areas had rot mainly the water sucking end grain but all this could be over come.The glass is one of the most important part to safe guard with the fantastic ripples and faults that refract the light and mostly this is being accomplished all be it a few panes missing and the odd casualty.

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