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Welcome to Bath Furniture Makers a small... well as small as it get really seeing it's only me Geoff Collard unless you include the dogs but there only good for sweeping up, but small is good because it means you are the most important person to me when im creating your wonderful something what ever that may be and after looking at the many photos on my site you will realise it could indeed be anything.

If your looking for a particular subject there is a handy Index button which will take you to each category.When you hover your mouse of a photo a description will appear and if you click on the photo it will take you to the slide show for that section, you will also be able to zoom in on touch screen devices.

There is also a handy page "Whats on the bench" which gives you an insight of current work you can click here

You could say I seem to have an addiction with making websites all though there is a plausible explanation for this but I've been told it's sensible to not delete them as theirs loads of photo links that would be lost, you may of found something on my old site which you can still get to for reference purposes, I am slowly bring every thing over from them so if you've seen something you like but can't find it try looking at these. The website at the bottom is my personal one with lots of crafty things on there if you want a peak.   

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Old website screenshot