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Geoff Collard

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Secret Bookcase Doors

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Roman Baths

You do some great work and certainly merit the recognition an award brings. How about this? I couldn’t see their tips in your message, but imagine something like this text below is what they are after.

Geoff has taken on some highly unusual and challenging projects in creating reproductions of ancient artefacts for use in teaching and display at the Roman baths. He accepted each commission as a technical challenge and understood our need for accurate representation of the original artefacts in respect of colour, weight and detail. He took great care to ensure a very high level of accuracy in what he did. The results are excellent and are used on a regular basis.

 The objects Geoff has replicated are quite diverse and include an oculist (eye doctor’s) stamp from the earliest known medical practitioner in the Roman town of Aquae Sulis; a copy of a 10th century Viking sword with inlaid silver inscription found in the city ditch of Bath, and perhaps the strangest of all is an ancient model of a bronze sheep liver from Piacenza in Italy dating to the 2nd century BC and inscribed with words in the ancient Etruscan language. It is thought this was used in interpreting the entrails of animals by a special college of priests known as the Haruspices – one of whom is known to have practised in Bath.

Stephen Clews

Roman Baths & Pump Room Manager

Bath University

We used Geoff to create a display box for the Mayors Sword and Mace's and two sets of steps for use at our graduation ceremonies in the Theatre Royal. Throughout the process he was helpful and friendly, and the final product was exactly what we needed.  Geoff made suggestions for materials which were ideal, his pieces were very well made and they fitted the brief perfectly. I can’t recommend Geoff highly enough if you’re looking for someone to create you a bespoke piece of furniture.

Gemma Noyce

Events Officer

Client from Sydney Buildings, Bath

We commissioned Geoff to do a very large library/bookcase and all the cabinets and woodwork for our kitchen and they look fantastic. He has an amazing eye to detail, is very efficient and a pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend him to anybody who wants bespoke highly finished woodwork. Thanks so much Geoff!

Alessandro Botto

Fossil Coffee Table for Bath Uni

"The coffee table is a real highlight in the Milner Centre for Evolution - everyone wants one, comments on how attractive it is, but also how beautifully made.  It is functional and magnificent at the same time.  It is a one off and required the skill and creativity of Geoff.”

Laurence D. Hurst FMedSci FRS
Professor of Evolutionary Genetics
President of The Genetics Society
Director of The Milner Centre for Evolution
University of Bath

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Carving & Resin Bat for client

Our first commission for Geoff was transforming our dull and unexceptional staircase into one which continues to draw admiring looks both for the quality of its craftsmanship and the artistry of its design. In response to our request for a woodland theme, Geoff suggested creative ideas for wild creatures, cast in resin from carved moulds, and provided samples. These were readily accepted and beautifully executed. 

 His love of working with wood was clearly demonstrated in the delicate and detailed carving of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh rose designs that embellish our serving hatch doors.  Most recently he has designed and built a kitchen cabinet for us which reflects the style of the hatch surround and unifies the overall look of the kitchen.

 The beauty and individuality of his creations have tempted us yet again to task Geoffto design a further piece in oak, incorporating a decorative feature of a Green Man. 

 On each occasion he has managed to interpret our vague concepts and crystallise them into a unique work of art.  We readily recommend Geoff to our friends. 

 Annette & Pat

Various Projects - Client in Bath

As a customer who has been using Geoff’s services for the last 12 years, I can only compliment him on his innovative solutions, quality of craftsmanship and excellent customer service.  Over the years he has made various items for us, including intricate jewellery boxes, bookcases, shoe racks, desks, wardrobes and a lovely front door.  Most recently he made a really clever work-space in oak, which incorporated a desk and cupboard which blended into its environment perfectly.  I can recommend him wholeheartedly!

Debbie King